TYPB880 plain pressured warm printing cutting machine

Function characteristics:
The machine is developed and created on typb690 which hasadvanced design,reasonable structure,stable function,easy-operation,easy-maintenance etc,It is equipped with three groups of roller to walk along and one group is used to realize jump to improve the efficiency and quality of the machine and make its printing products more beautiful.


plain board design:  860 × 530mm
Electric heat board design:  390 × 270mm/560 × 400mm/720 × 480mm
aluminum foil walking destance: 0-480mm
Jumping times:  0-99 times
highest speed:  1560 times / hour
Motor Power:  2.2KW
Net weight:  2000KG
dimensions (L × W × H): 1450 × 1500 × 1520mm
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