SL1200-A Buffer gas bag production line

The production line of the buffer gas cylinder bag is developed by our company according to the market demand. In the original design structure, a mold is added to the equipment. It is suitable for the production of various kinds of cushion cylinder, cushion cushion and filling air bag in PE co extruded film. Production of products with low cost, space saving, recycling, reducing packaging processes, saving manpower, non polluting, but also provide a long time storage and transportation of the characteristics of seismic protection, Widely used in the field of packaging, such as electronic products, ceramics, precision instruments, furniture, lighting products, auto parts, toner cartridges, red wine, milk powder, express logistics and other industries.

1、Automatic Machine controlled by PLC and inverter. Easy operation control panel.
2彩票平台彩票平台、Parameter setting effect immediately, tracked by electronic eyes, smooth and accurate.
3彩票平台彩票平台彩票平台、Widely frequency range of inverters are controlling the whole production line, stepless speed changing, individual release and pick up motors make production more smooth and effective.
4、Dual mould can make two kinds of products without changing mould, so that production efficiency and consistency will be increased, and time and material will be saved.


It is suitable for inner protective packaging of microelectronic products, precision instruments, medical instruments, household appliances, digital products, mechanical parts and other fragile goods.

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